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4915 Barfield-Crescent Road

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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Outdoor Worship Service

8:00 a.m. 


(Masks optional)

Bible Class 9:15 a.m.

Worship Services

10:00 a.m.

5:30 p.m.


 We will continue to follow these guidelines:


In observance of the Governor’s recommendations, we kindly ask you to remain home if you, anyone in your home, or anyone coming with you:

-have recently been in close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of   COVID-19.

-are experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, decreased sense of smell or taste, sore throat, or an untreated temperature of 100.0 degrees or greater within the last 48 hours and to include prior to leaving home for Worship service.

-have any medical condition placing you or them at risk for attending.

For those who cannot attend, we will continue to have a service online on our website. Also if the weather is bad, we will cancel the outdoor service and worship with the online service.


 Outdoor Service:


The service will be held in the field beside the pavilion. Please remember to practice social distancing before, during, and after the service. Please leave all pets at home. The row of parking spaces closest to the field will be reserved for those that choose to stay in their cars and listen to the service. For everyone else, please bring your own chairs. Chairs will be provided for those that can’t bring their own.  


When you arrive, there will be tables set up as you enter the field where you may pick up communion.  We will continue using the individual communion cups in baggies. One family member should pick up a bag with enough for your family. The tables will be clearly labeled to make this easier.


The field will be marked with circles where your family may sit.  There will be different colored circles which indicate the number of people that can sit in that circle.


1-2 person family:  White Circle


3-4 person family:   Orange Circle


5-6 person family:   Blue Circle


7+ person family:  Span between 2 White Circles that are side by side


There will be 24 chairs spaced under the pavilion for those medically needing to be out of the sun or have mobility issues that make crossing the field difficult.  Handicap parking spaces will be reserved closer to the pavilion.


The worship service is planned to last approximately 45 minutes. During communion please place the used cups back in the baggies. These can then be thrown away after the service in the trash cans by the communion tables. The doors on the end of the education building will be the only building doors open. Only the bathrooms in the education wing will be open.


After the service, please drop your contribution in the boxes on the communion tables.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these times. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to call one of us. We love you.  

The Elders. 

Devout Worship,
Warm Fellowship,
Compassionate Service

To the family of Christians at Crescent,

"church of Christ" is a phrase describing ownership and lifestyle.

We belong to Jesus Christ and want to be like him.

We are trying to follow Jesus and develop a growing relationship with him, which is possible because of God's grace and mercy.

The help of the Holy Spirit, the Bible, prayer, and our fellowship with one another are essential elements sustaining our faith.

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